November Calliarts - Wrapping Up the Year!

Dear Members and Followers,

Well, it is our last Calliarts for the year and Gloria Scott is going to end it on a Christmas Note.

It’s a Calliart Christmas and to end our Calliart year on a festive note we will be using
the Uncial letterform and apply it to wrapping paper, gift tags and paper strips to help
“wrap up” a very happy year and maybe have time to put it in a gift bag for someone special.

We will be looking at ideas for "dressing up" gifts and greetings, trimming tags, simple tree decoration, paper ribbon and wrapping or envelopes. 

So please bring any A3 practice pages of calligraphy, eg Uncial, some off-cuts of light card,
small to A4 size, strips of card, Canson or similar, Christmas paper for trims or cut-outs, ribbon, trimming, stickers and so on.   Just odds and ends will do.

Scissors, double sided tape, UHU glue stick and some fibre tip colours, textas etc.
Also 2 or 3 colours in Duo, Marvy or similar.

Please bring your usual gear if you wish to use pen and inks.

Do not panic buy, I will have spares.  So please just come along and enjoy the company.


Sylvania Community Hall - Canberra Road, Sylvania - 11 November 2017 - 1pm to 4pm. 

Gloria Scott
Gloria Scott
Gloria Scott


Calligraphy Southscribes, Inc. is supported by Sutherland Shire Council

21st October - One Day Workshop – David Jones Script – Valerie Keevers

Dear Members and Followers,

The last workshop for 2017 is the David Jones Script with Valerie Keevers.

David Jones born in London in late 1880’s became an Architect who while studying discovered the Trajan Column lettering.  He taught himself lettering and developed his version of the Roman letters which he used for inscriptions mainly in Latin and mostly religious type works as he had converted to Catholicism.  Moving to Ditchling he became friends with Eric Gill and Edward Johnston.  His designs are often based on a square and use a mixture of capital and lowercase letters within the design which give a quirky yet very balance pleasing appearance.  Another script to add to your portfolio.

Usual Chisel nibs and holders.
Walnut Ink.
1 colour Gouache.  (not Black).  (Watercolour can be used, gives softer effect.)
1 or 2 mid tone Coloured pencils and or Watercolour pencils.
Practise pad, ruler and HB pencil.
1 piece A4 Watercolour paper,
1 piece A5 Watercolour paper and 1 piece A5 black paper or card.
1 fine point brush and 1 mixing brush (any old brush will do for background application).
Small plastic plate or dish.
There will be a $1.00 charge for background material which I will provide.
Please do not buy anything on the list you might not have as I will bring pencils, Gouache and ink with me for use.

 Saturday 21 October - 10am to 4pm - Sylvania Community Hall

Calliarts - Mystery Box – Valerie Keevers

Dear Members and Followers,

October's Calliarts is a Mystery Box with Valerie Keevers. So what is the Mystery Box? Well, you'll just have to come along and see!

MYSTERY BOX.   Requirement List.

·   1 sheet Liviano Heavy Card 300gsm A2 size (58 x 41 cm) any colour.This is available at Eckersly’s for $2.60.

·   Watercolour paper 190gsm or Canson paper in white or pale contrast colour to card, cut into     7 x 7cm squares.  (26 for every face or as many as you need.  You can use off cuts you may have at home.)

·         Cutting mat and craft knife.

·         Sharp scissors.

·         Glue stick and double sided tape.

·         Pencil and steel ruler.

·         Any Bond type paper you have for making the patterns.  (Butcher’s paper or Cartridge is good).

Optional extras.

·         Calligraphy pens and ink for Alphabet decoration if time allows.  (This can be done at home later).

·         Decorations if using, eg. Cut out designs, small photos, small shell s etc.   (This can be done at home later).

Okay, I'll let you in on the mystery:

This box opens out to reveal the secret layers inside.  There can be one or two internal layers depending on what you wish to display inside.  Make it with three layers and using all the faces on inside and outside gives 26 areas which is ideal as a script exemplar.  Photos can be added for a family box, shells, buttons, your artwork are all suitable for inclusion in the mystery box. Develop the box with your own creativity which is then a fun talking point.

Saturday 14 October - 1pm to 4pm - Sylvania Community Hall