Calliarts - Ruling Pens

Dear Members and Followers,

We invite you to a calliarts afternoon exploring Ruling Pens.

Ruling pens are wonderful calligraphic tools to experiment with, this afternoon we will be exploring the various lines and letter forms that be achieved in contemporary calligraphy.
Cost $10.00 with Helen Warren.

Calliarts - Coloured Pencils!

Dear Members and Followers,

Coloured pencils have come a long way and there are many calligraphic uses for them. This afternoon will be an exploration of what you can do with them and their many relatives; water colour pencils, graphitints, etc. Lots of small projects will be presented; try one or many, the choice is yours.

All your coloured pencils, graphitints, watercolour pencils, etc. Bond paper, scraps of black paper, scraps of watercolour paper, tracing paper, lead pencils, eraser, fine brush (0 and below), ruler, small jar for water, paper towelling, ruler, black fineliner 0.5, etc. White gel pen. No inks or nibs needed.

Calliarts - Alternate Tools

Dear Members and Followers,

Brave the cooler weather and come along to our June Calliarts.

What do you have in your bag of tricks that you have no idea how to use, how to get the best results from or even what it is? Then this workshop is for you.  We will look at some of the odd things I have and how to use them.....Chux tool, felt tools, writing with bleach, making a feather brush, Coke pens, etc. the list goes on.  Tools for writing and mark making are really only limited by your imagination.

Material list.
Anything you do not know how to use!
small container with lid (for bleach which I will provide)
Hot glue gun if you have one.
A4 piece of baking paper (sometimes called Parchment baking paper).
Some watercolour paper about A4/A5 in size,
Half sheet of black or dark navy Canson paper.
A few watercolour paints
Fine spray bottle (small size)
Calligraphy practise pad A3.
One large and one smaller size Chisel pens, or just bring your usual gear.
A couple of short quotes.


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